Colorant Lumcolor

Lumocolor universal color for tinting water-based paints for facade and interior works.

Tipe: Colorant for waterborne paint

Description: suspension of pigments and filling mixtures in a water basis with addition of various excipients

Divided into two main lines:

  1. Colorant for interior works;
  2. Colorant for facade works.

Application:  coloring of waterborne paints for conferring them necessary colors and tints.

Important application notes:

Colorant Lumcolor is not applied as an independent paint, as it does not contain  binding and film forming;

Colorants Lumcolor can be mixed against each other, but mixing does not guarantee the tinter color quality;

It is necessary to note, that the degree of tinting is to a large extent defined by the quality of the material used for tinting.  When using the same amounts of colorant for paints by different producers, color saturation may vary.

If a specific tint is required, it is recommended to apply directly to the producers of the Lumcolor colorant.

Attainment of the color toning level:

 Color toning level


  1. For attaining the best quality of the tinted paint it is recommended to mix the colorant and paint  as carefully as possible;
  2. If the material is to be diluted, it is recommended to tint first, and dilute afterwards;
  3. Shake the container before use;
  4. The remains of the colorant in a container should be rinsed off with a small amount of water into the tinted paint;
  5. Make trial paintings before application.

Storage: Store the colorants in tightly closed containers. If open, the colorant gradually dries up, which makes a negative impact on its tinting properties.

Safety measures: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with  organs of digestion, eyes, irritated or broken skin.

Technical description colour Lumocolor

Purpose: Versatile colour Lumcolor is used for coloration of water-based paint for exterior and interior painting.

Appearance: Colour is a viscous paste containing dry pigment, solvents and fillers.

Minimal package: Colour is packaged in plastic bottles with twisted cap of 100 ml volume. Net mass of one bottle is 100 g.

Consumption: One bottle of colour Lumcolor is enough coloration of 1 kg of white (base A) water based paint up to 10% tinting.

Colour matching and coloration: Versatile colour Lumcolor could be produced in wide color palette and new colors could be obtained by one self by means of mixing of existing colours as well as by means of making order for particular hint in “Luminescent materials research center” Ltd.

Kolour Lumcolor for facade painting

Kolour Lumcolor for interior painting

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