Fluorescent pigments Lumcolor

Fluorescent pigments - are bright colored powders based on a polymer base, designed to color a wide range of materials, in order to give them a bright color and high visibility, which provides increased attention to the observer.

Pigments visible light Pigments Ultra Violet
Pigments in daylight Pigments in UV radiation

Main applications:

Painting of varnish and paint (advertising, design, painting, decoration of night clubs and entertainment centers, marking of hazardous areas and emergency exits etc.);
Staining of plastic;
Staining of a polymer film;
For painting concrete and marble chips and other building materials for decorative purposes.

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Effect of fluorescence:

The usual color (non-fluorescent) is formed as follows:
Light (for example, solar) falls on the observed material. If the material absorbs all the rays from the incident light, we see it as black. If the material reflects all the rays - white. If the material absorbs part of the rays, and the rest reflects - we see it colored. For example, if the material absorbs violet rays, we see it as greenish-yellow if the material absorbs yellow rays - blue.
The formation of fluorescent light is very different. The material, absorbing a part of the rays from the incident light, including those invisible to the human eye of ultraviolet, throws them back in the form of fluorescence - fluorescence. The color of this glow differs from the color of the absorbed rays. You can say that the material shines itself.
Due to the fact that the color of fluorescent materials is formed not only by reflected light, but also by its fluorescent material, this gives them the following most important advantages:

  • The color and brightness of such materials is 2-3 times higher than in non-fluorescent materials;
  • Due to the absorption of ultraviolet bright color is provided even in the absence of bright sunlight. For example, in twilight or in ultraviolet lighting in clubs.

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